About us

We take the lead without fossil fuels

We believe in sustainable use of energy.

Collectively we are responsible for realising a healthy and environmental friendly future. Sustainable, energy efficient products are essential. Degree-n produces revolutionary heating solutions that make heating much more energy efficient.

What we do

We take the lead without fossil fuels: Degree-n produces and delivers sustainable heating solutions. We reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum with patented Nano Infrared technology as a leading factor. CO2-emmisions and the use of fossil fuels have to give way to sustainable solutions to build a balanced and responsible global community. Degree-n does this by manufacturing cost-efficient Nano Infrared heating panels and a heated water solution. These two combined make Degree-n a leading supplier of all-electric solutions. Our patented, environmental friendly systems are used throughout the world.

Nano Infrarood warmtepanelen

Sustainable and comfortable temperature inside.
The most efficient on the world market: save up to 60% on your cost of energy. These multi-use panels heat homes and small offices with the same ease as they heat pools and production halls.


Heating water without wasting clean drinking water or energy.
To be able to take the step towards an all-electric solution for your home we offer an all-electric water heating solution.


Fossil fuels are no longer the way to go when it comes to heating. Our products are all focused on all-electri.

Energy neutral and Zero Energy ambitions can be achieved with all our products.


A healthy, environmental friendly future. That is our ambition. To pursue this we MUST reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. Sustainable and energy efficient products combined with a responsible way of driving business are essential to reach our goals.



Degree-n wants to contribute to a healthy and environmental friendly future where heating our homes and offices will become cheaper as well as better for the environment. That’s why we develop, produce and deliver products that help reach this goal. Degree-n wants to provide househoulds, offices, companies and other industries with friendly, energy efficient all electric heating solutions.

Our Dutch roots

A special aspect of Degree-n heating panels is that development, design and manufacturing is all done in the Netherlands. Degree-n has a production facility in the south of the country capable of producing large amounts of product. Assembly is done in cooperation with a social enterprise in Hilversum. This way we managed to unite sustainable and social targets into one paradigm.