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Infrared calculator

In 3 minutes an estimate of cost and energy savings! It is important to install enough capacity to heat your home or office which is based on the volume of your space.

We created a simple tool to do just that. Just enter a number of easy to determine values and we'll do the rest.



Infrared at home

Suitable as main heating solution and secondary source of heating and broadly applicable in practically every room in your home. From the living to the attic and from bathroom to the shed. A healthy and sustainable home starts here, because who does not want to save on the energy bill?

Industrial applications

Whether you run an office, garage, restaurant or greenhouse, we'll gladly cooperate with you about a suitable setup. Running your business environmentally sustainable is becoming more and more important to customers around the world. And who does not want to save on the energy bill?!

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Visit a dealer or showroom near you. We can tell you a lot on our website, but in the end you will have to experience it for yourself. Make an appointment in one of our showrooms to learn more.


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