About infrared

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About infrared

Infrared heating new to you? Not exactly! The sun provides us with infinite amounts of heating base on radiation already every day. In addition, yourself and every person also radiates infrared heating which is easily visible when someone has a housewarming or party indoors. The room will simply start to heat up. Infrared has a wavelength that is just outside the visible light spectrum and consists of electromagnetic waves. A characteristic of this type of radition is that it does not need a medium to propel itself, that's why sunrays can travel through space and still reach the earth and provide us with heat. This is fundamentally different from convection heat on which the priniciple of a radiator is based. This needs air to transfer the energy.

Infrared radiation seamlessly moves through all non-massive objects but is also absorbed by objects which caused them to heat up. This in turn causes the air temperature to rise as well. Because all objects are equally exposed to the radiation the air temperature rises very gradually and equally as well and is perceived very comfortable and nice. In addition, because air is not heated directly, the humidity stays at a much healthier level then with convection heating.

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Infrared by Degree-n

The infrared heating panels from Degree-n radiate infrared waves with a wavelength between 5 and 20 micro meters. That is within the IR-C spectrum. Infrared lies on the opposite side of the visible light spectrum than ultra violet (UV) and does not have any negative health effects. The infrared radiation is generated by electrifying a vacuum sealed conducting fluid. The result is a highly efficient energy conversion from electrical energy to radiation energy generating a lot of heat with a minimal electrical input. The foil is covered by modern safety glass or a ceramic plate with a high quality finish. The back is insulated by a 20mm thick highly insulating plate which helps bring most of the heat forward thus increasing the efficiency. Our panels use much less electrical power than those of our competitors while generating the same or even more radation output. Get your home comfortably warm quickly, while saving on cost!

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