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Living Room and Kitchen

Our panels are suitable as main heating solution as well as additional heating and can be used in your living room and kitchen. The room in which you spend the most time during the day deserves to offer a sense of comfort and a nice temperature. With infrared heating from Degree-n you'll establish a comfortable temperature and climate without air circulation (and dust) and with a healthy humidity level.

Both existing houses as well as newly built homes can be equipped with infrared panels as they are easily integrated into the (existing) electrical installation. Setting the temperature is easy by using the thermostat or smartphone app. Even when you're not at home.

Infrared by Degree-n

The infrared heating panels from Degree-n radiate infrared waves with a wavelength between 5 and 20 micro meters. That is within the IR-C spectrum. Infrared lies on the opposite side of the visible light spectrum than ultra violet (UV) and does not have any negative health effects. The infrared radiation is generated by electrifying a vacuum sealed conducting fluid. The result is a highly efficient energy conversion from electrical energy to radiation energy generating a lot of heat with a minimal electrical input. The foil is covered by modern safety glass or a ceramic plate with a high quality finish. The back is insulated by a 20mm thick highly insulating plate which helps bring most of the heat forward thus increasing the efficiency. Our panels use much less electrical power than those of our competitors while generating the same or even more radation output. Get your home comfortably warm quickly, while saving on cost!


The bathroom is thé room in the house for relaxation. While taking a shower or a bath. Comfort is very important here. Central heating systems generally work with one thermostat in the living room which can cause the installation to stop generating heat when the living room has reached the set temperature. This can cause the temperature in the bathroom to drop. This problem is easily tackled with infrared heating because all panels can be controlled individually. You decide when you need the temperature to rise and for how long. This way, it is nice and comfortable when you want to take a shower in the morning.

Infared heating is ultimately suitable for the bathroom. It is comfortable, mold repellant, heats up quickly and because the walls and objects absorb the heat the water vapor vanishes quickly after use. Infrared panels are also applicable in combination with electric floor heating. Please contact one of our dealers for more information on your particular situation.

Bedroom and study

Sleeping in a heated environment is something only few people enjoy, but comfort is also important. Switching our panels on is as easy as switching on the light. Also in a babyroom or children's bedroom our panels can create a comfortable atmosphere and establish a pleasant temperature.

Degree-n infrared panels are easy to control on a 'per-room' basis so you can set different temperatures or programs in each individual room, based on your preferences.

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